Salmon Plumbing

The Salmon Group are pleased to provide an exceptional business and personal reference for Chris.

Chris was employed full-time by Salmon Plumbing as Senior Plumbing Estimator working remotely, from April 2012 to April 2015.

Chris is a very experienced individual, professionally qualified, highly motivated, an excellent communicator, and has significant in-depth knowledge of the Plumbing and Heating, Renewable Energy, Mechanical and Hvac industries.

Chris carries out the Senior Plumbing Estimator role and responsibilities with the up-most due diligence and accuracy from start to finish. Prior to bid submission, all tender information, specifications, financial figures and analysis information are presented clearly and explained logically to director/s for review and agreement, along with submission and follow up with the client.

Chris’s abilities in summary:

  • Motivated, trustworthy, committed, dependable, responsible, can clearly communicate at all levels
  • Exceptional estimating service provided by working from his home based office using a remote login
  • Willingness to travel to our Surrey office from his home base whenever required as well as to and from client or consultant design meetings
  • Proven ability to plan multiple complex tenders by scheduling, completing accurately each one on time
  • Attend pre-starts, negotiates work he has priced, secures projects, provides a handover to commercial
  • Excellent numerical and analytical skills using Excel and all office software, including complex models
  • Production of the business financial applications for payment, securement of payment notices, payments
  • Provides a reliable commercial knowledge based service for projects he has secured

I whole heartedly recommend Chris to any prospective employer.Mr Christopher Salmon – Managing Director, Salmon Plumbing Limited


Chris was employed by me as Senior Plumbing and Heating Estimator at Connaught Partnerships Ltd, a division of Connaught PLC, from January 2007, reporting directly to me until I left the business in January 2010 and continued in employment with the company until September 2010.

During this time he was a valued and popular member of the estimating department. He was a considerable asset to the team, using his deep technical knowledge of plumbing and heating along with his trade contacts with suppliers to dramatically improve our hit rate in tenders with a large plumbing and heating bias. Other members of the team would regularly bounce ideas off Chris to improve their own knowledge of plumbing and heating and he was always willing to give his time to explain things to them and support their needs.   He was the primary estimator within the department for the plumbing and heating trade section of our Decent Homes tenders feeding into the tenders of other estimators, and also led and developed the pricing matrix employed by the business for standalone Gas Compliance and Heating Installation tenders.

Chris was always on top of his workload and regularly gave me updates setting out his current and upcoming tender commitments, enabling us to jointly plan around bottlenecks but also highlighting where he had the capacity to take on work from others.   He never missed a deadline and was always willing to put in additional hours where required to ensure that tenders were submitted on time.

Chris’ work ethic and commitment was as good as anyone I have ever employed and I would often receive comments from Directors and other members of the management team who were his internal customers remarking on the high standard of service they received from Chris and his cheerful nature and enthusiasm. I always found Chris to be hardworking and trustworthy and, due to the distance involved in his commute, would often allow him to work from home without compromising the output or quality of his work. His commute of approaching 150 miles round trip was never an issue, his timekeeping was excellent and he would often arrive at the office through extreme weather conditions when others who lived closer to the office were unable to do so.

In conclusion I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris as a potential employee to anyone requiring a senior plumbing and heating estimator or indeed supervisor and could give no higher recommendation than to say that should the opportunity ever arise in the future to employ Chris as a member of my team I would take it without hesitation.

Brian Ingham – Estimating Manager, Connaught Partnerships Ltd 1997-2010