The terms and conditions under which all services are supplied by Excel Estimating Ltd.


  1. Using your drawings, plans, specifications or bill pages you have provided we (Excel Estimating Ltd) will provide a professional analytical estimating service, delivering your costs involved for the tender.
  1. You can view all of the services provided by us in the ‘Services’ section of our website; samples of a typical estimate, analytical information, client tender letter, full materials scheduling service plus a contract valuation service can be found in this section.
  1. Each tender will be accurately appraised to enable a proposed timescale and a quotation cost be provided to you. Working with you to achieve your deadline date for adjudication and submission is our key priority. The completed estimate after finalising prelims, labour rates along with your specific overhead/profit percentage mark up’s, documents will be returned to you in PDF format to the email address of your specific contact/s.
  1. You can send your enquiry to be appraised by Excel Estimating via an UPLOAD TENDER button on our website, or by emailing upon receipt of which we will discuss your requirements in more detail, and reply within one business day.
  1. If your drawings/plans do not include any dimensions, we will be required to scale from the drawings/plans in order to establish nearest dimensions to use in the estimate preparations, pdf electronic copies of all drawings are to uploaded via our website or emailed to Excel Estimating Ltd if not previously supplied.


Purchase Orders, Payment

  1. We agree to provide our services to you once you have supplied a purchase order, detailing the Excel Estimating Ltd quotation reference, with acceptance of your order you acknowledge acceptance of our terms and conditions for the requested service(s) and you have provided a full set of drawings/plans, specification or bill pages at this time.
  1. We will start work as soon as the purchase order has been received and the drawings/plans, specifications or bill pages have been uploaded electronically, should you need to cancel your order we reserve the right to charge the for the time expended on your order.
  1. In the unlikely instance of a complaint, any complaint must be via an email audit trail, keeping all information transparent and accessible for ease of resolution.
  1. We will provide an invoice, emailed to you via the email address supplied on completion of your order, for payment on receipt.
  1. Any changes that you would like made to your completed estimate that are deemed, not enough clarity of information from original plans or specifications/details have been given, can be carried out upon receiving your emailed confirmation, an hourly charge will be agreed.



  1. All estimates produced by Excel Estimating Ltd are accurate estimates and are not intended to be fixed quotations. We cannot guarantee or accept responsibility for any variations added to our estimate unless carried out by ourselves.
  1. Our overall responsibility to you is to complete and return the undertaken estimate/s accurately and on time to the specified date and time as agreed.
  1. You acknowledge that any estimate of quantities needed, sought advice and or specific suitability of any goods for any particular purpose and any plan or measurement given by us is given for guidance only and without liability, noting we operate with knowledge, integrity, honesty and reliability at all times.
  1. Any typing error or clerical omission in any literature, website content, estimate or scheduling, or any other document issued by Excel Estimating Ltd may be corrected without any liability.
  1. Under G.D.P.R regulations any information or data provided by you will not be shared with any other party.
  1. We are entitled to cancel the contract or reduce the level of service provided if for circumstances out of our control as industrial action, war, fire, natural disasters and so on; we will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred from this.
  1. We do not accept liability for any item lost in the post.
  1. We fully reserve the right to terminate the contract should you become bankrupt or insolvent; notice will be served by us in this event, recoveries of debt due will be pursued through an appointed solicitor.
  1. We do make continuous improvements and changes to our service, we will always advise clients of further benefits added, but if small changes we may alter as required without giving you notice.
  1. We exclude ourselves and our associates from any liability for loss of profit, business, information/data or any other financial loss or any incidental, indirect, special or punitive damages of any kind.
  1. The contract is made once we have received your purchase order, our terms and conditions you accept by sending us your order, all work is undertaken and completed, you are invoiced as per the Excel Estimating Ltd quotation, with any financial variations to this accounted for, our invoice is paid in accordance with our terms and conditions set out above.