Having secured your project let’s enhance your  margins!

Chris Young MCIPS qualified for 20 years (Member – Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply)

Excel Estimating use specialist e-procurement analysis software linked to their estimating software, ensuring the accurate transfer of each tender item into a scheduled, locked pricing spread sheet, which is sent via the programs secure email link, direct to your supplier/s, allowing them to open, type in their most competitive prices.

Once the supplier/s have completed the pricing spread sheet, they simply click on ‘save button’ and press ‘return to sender link’ all prices from multiple suppliers are returned for importing to the e-procurement comparison program, then the software takes over and completes the analysis and clearly shows the cheapest prices from across the supplier/s range.

We can benchmark up to 6 merchants together, this will allow you to see if your preferred supplier/s are performing against market competition, clearly establishing competitive benchmark’s, ensuring their quotation is the cheapest to your business.

Alternatively we can provide, one order to each merchant for the cheapest priced items to be ordered and get your project moving on site very quickly indeed.

Scheduling & Benchmarking