Estimating of ventilation services, in any property type.

From M.V.H.R (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) units, installed with standard 204mm x 60mm flat plastic ductwork and fittings, 100mm spiral galvanised ductwork and fittings, acoustic attenuators, fire dampers and ceiling grilles, to single kitchen or bathroom extract fans.

We can price all of these in accordance with current regulations.

  • M.V.H.R (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) Whole House Extract System
  • Bathroom Fans – 100mm (4″) 21 l/sec
  • Wetroom Fans – 100mm (4″) 21 l/sec (S.E.L.V) Low Voltage Fan c/w Transformer
  • Kitchen Fan – 150mm (6″) 60 l/sec
  • Positive Input Ventilation Units
  • Flat Plastic Ductwork (Typically 204mm x 60mm)
  • Flexible Plastic or Galvanized Ductwork (Typically 100mm)
  • Acoustic Attenuators
  • Fire Dampers
  • Intake and Extract Ceiling Grilles